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From Japan’s Meiji Period until the Showa Period (1868-1945), the Omori Kaigan Seaside neighborhood flourished as one of Tokyo’s representative hanamachi, geisha districts.In its golden age, the streets were lined with traditional Japanese restaurants, ryotei, and beautifully dressed groups of geisha could been seen fluttering in and out as they worked in the stylish neighborhood.
The Yoshinoya geisha house has existed in the Omori and Oimachi area since that golden age.The geisha of Yoshinoya spend their days diligently studying traditional Japanese dance and Nagauta shamisen.At customer’s request, our geisha can attend parties and banquets of all sizes, serving food and providing entertainment for guests.
Please feel free to contact us with inquiries for your next event.Also, for customers who have never experienced a geisha banquet or the traditional arts of Japan’s geisha quarters,we periodically host events open to the public.Information regarding these events will be posted here on our homepage,so please check back often or feel free to inquire via our contact page.

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